Law & Policy

The focus of FLEDGE’s programme on law and policy relates to creating an enabling environment to deal with appropriate rule and policy making that is responsive and reliable, making environment and development decisions relevant.

Key focal areas under this programme include biodiversity, marine, trade and development and IPR issues.

FLEDGE is currently working on developing a programme on “Legislative Impact Assessment” structuring around the principles of environmental impact assessment, to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 16 on access to justice and rule of law.

Environment & Development

FLEDGE attempts to provide a futuristic platform for environmental management issues including biodiversity, climate change, marine resource management and food security.

The focus of work includes assessment of options for effective implementation of current practice and policy frameworks suggesting means to pro-active and inclusive development.

FLEDGE focuses on supporting actions related to sustainable development through research and analyses.

Additionally, FLEDGE will also focus on issues of sustainability by promoting structured intervention options for both public and private sectors.

Governance & Health

Supporting development of appropriate governance systems at local, national and international levels is an area of interest for FLEDGE. Current interests in governance systems include research on development of re-designed approaches to deal with equity, justice and partnerships and enhancing corporate governance

The primary outcome of development and SDG goals is better human and planetary health. Considering the focus of SDG 3 on Health, FLEDGE’s role would be that of a catalyst bringing together key stakeholders in the health sector and to leverage local community knowledge and bio-resources for affordable health care, through research, capacity building, policy and governance mechanisms.

Building the future


FLEDGE is keen to provide opportunities for students and scholars with skill development that goes beyond the realm of class-room based teaching and training. FLEDGE’s short term courses, including the executive programmes, offer opportunities for youngsters to build their capacities on critical national and international issues providing them opportunities to seek knowledge and future career options.

Some of the courses under development include a ‘Conservation Leadership’ programme in collaboration with United Nations and international organizations; an executive programme on ‘Professors of Practice’ for industry leaders to acquire skills of pedagogy to impact knowledge and training at classroom level and a series of skill development programmes such as a certificate course in science communication, law and policy issues related to development.