Upcoming Events

Students ‘Interlude’ on Design for Sustainability

In partnership with Srishti School of Art and Design, LeNS-India, FLEDGE will be organizing a special 4-week student oriented programme titled ‘Sustain by Design’

‘Sustain by Design' critically looks at the SDGs and their relevance to the Indian context.

Students pursuing art and design courses are given provocative statements to guide their explorations and work with external experts from industry, academia and government from diverse disciplines who will share insights, experiences and positions through formats such as talks, walks, discussions, debates, workshops, hackathons and others.

The outcome of ‘Interlude’ is a set of interventions produced by the students to communicate SDGs better as well as scale up actions at local and national levels to achieve the SDGs.

The Interlude will culminate in a 3-day Conference from the 14th to 16th of December in Bengaluru.

For more details click here or contact Ms. Ranjani Balasubramanian at ranjani.b@srishti.ac.in

Other Events

FLEDGE has been part of various events. Some of them are listed below.

Dealing with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

FLEDGE provided support to the Research and information Systems for Developing Countries (RIS), a think tank associated with Ministry of External Affairs, in organizing a Policy Briefing Meeting to be held on 5 February 2015 in New Delhi.

This meeting focused on supporting informed participation of India during the Intergovernmental Negotiation Meetings on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015.

Preparing for Sustainable Development in India

FLEDGE, in partnership with PLR Associates, New Delhi and the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India organized a Discussion Meeting on 19 th February 2015 in New Delhi that provided options for prioritization of actions b IICA and its partners on Corporate Governance and Sustainability Plans and Reporting.

Second National Biodiversity Congress, 2015

Supporting the Second National Biodiversity Congress organized by the Kerala Biodiversity Board, FLEDGE served as the Knowledge Partner for the Congress.

FLEDGE provided support in organizing special sessions during the Congress whose focal theme is ‘Access and Benefit Sharing’ and is organizing a special session on legal and policy issues related to biodiversity at the Children’s Biodiversity Congress.

Refresher cum Orientation Programme for Legal Professionals and Experts

FLEDGE organized a Refresher cum Orientation Programme for legal experts and others interested in environmental law and policies on 15 March 2015. The Programme focused on emerging issues of environmental law and policies in India. Resource persons for the Programme included national and international experts on issues such as biodiversity, marine, climate and IPR laws.

Awareness Rising Programme on Environment for Senior School Students

In partnership with Vales Billabong International High School in Chennai, FLEDGE organized a one day special Programme for senior school students on environmental laws and policies 0n 28 February to commemorate the National Science Day.

FLEDGE supports organization of International Workshop on Community Rights and Biodiversity Governance

FLEDGE, in partnership with GIZ, United Nations University, the TransDisciplinary University facilitated the organization of an international exchange programme cum workshop on community rights and biodiversity governance in Bangalore, India during March 2015. Drawing participants from more than 12 African countries, the programme focused on community based approaches to access and benefit sharing, biodiversity governance and traditional knowledge based approaches to sustainable development.